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We are looking for 12 people who are ready to transform their body in just 4 weeks

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Personal Goals

You will be asked for YOUR personal goal(s).  This is usually an amount of weight wished to be lost, or body fat percentage to be decreased, but can also include medical markers such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.  Your goal(s) will become OUR goals.


We will teach you the WHAT, WHEN, AND HOW to eat.  This program will not only teach you everything you need to know about food, but also how to control eating habits, how to eat out, and how to create a lean body without any fad diets. Just smart eating, all the time.  Trust us, it's easy!


We promise to do our part, so YOU have to do yours!  A certain amount of attendance is crucial to make this work.  But don't worry, we will be opening up our whole schedule so that you can get the work done!

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What Client's Say

I went to CrossFit Conquest for three years while I was in medical school. This gym is the reason I fell in love with Crossfit. This community is by far the best part. They helped me through the best and worst times in my life. The coaches are very encouraging and the box is large. Since moving to Denver, I have not been able to find a gym that comes close to Conquest. I miss this community a ton.

Trevor Barton

What a great experience! Joined a few weeks ago with my two kids, the owners/staff are incredible and very knowledgeable. Everyone makes you feel welcome. Great workouts, my son and I are already seeing changes in our weight and bodies.

Marie Cardoza Weinstein

Awesome place with great Coaches. My family and I worked out here for a week on vacation. It was top notch and professional. I have worked out at other boxes while around Fort Lauderdale and this one was without a doubt, the best I have been to. Great coaches, equipment, atmosphere, people and all around vibe! Cant wait to come back

Grant Eve

Well i'm 44 and so completely out of shape. I joined Crossfit Conquest couple weeks ago, I'm not someone who likes to workout alone and couldn't convince my friends to join with me as they, as i was, are afraid of crossfit lol, but i told myself that I got this and to go for it! :) Little by little in the couple of weeks i've been going, i'm slowly getting there. The trainers are simply amazing, each one that i've had, and taking their time with me which i'm so extremely greatful for...

Rebecca Estrella


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Expert Trainers

Jon Coddaire

Mark Morrow

Paul John Moran Jr.

Jennipher Miller

Jaime Gold

Jilly Yates

Brandon True

Joseph Ioia

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When you visit our gym, or our box as we call it, you'll be greeted by our team of professional CrossFit coaches. We will talk with you to find out what your fitness goals are and map out a fitness program specifically for you.

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6 Week Challenge


6 Weeks of Training

Unlimited Classes

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Meal Plan




6 Weeks of Training

Unlimited Classes

No Contracts

Meal Plan



6 Weeks of Training

Unlimited Classes

No Contracts

Meal Plan

Personal Coach

To ensure the success of this program, you will have your own coach, that will not only meet with you and qualify you for the program, but also track all of your progress and keep you on track if you start to slip.  We have found that this is CRUCIAL in the success of this program.  You must have trust in your coach for this to work, and he/she must have trust in you!